Slow food Norwich as part of Slow Food International are very pleased to be now working closely with the Libera Terra Organisation from southern Italy and Sicily.
Libera Terra was founded in 1995 by an Italian priest to help farm land and estates which were previously owned by organised crime, mainly the Mafia. The organisation now gives help, advice and coordinates the many efforts of different bodies which are fighting organised crime in southern Italy and Sicily.
Since 1996 when the Italian state passed laws to enable all land and property confiscated from the Mafia to be lent to Libera Terra for use with local social enterprises, cooperatives and groups, over 4,500 properties have been passed over to their stewardship.

Libera Terra now produces a range of organic foods and wines from the land they farm and Libera also have many projects in hand to restore old vineyards, olive groves and estates which have not been farmed or looked after for many years.
They also offer a wide variety of educational visits and tours by students from Universities and colleges both from Italy and other countries, holidays in their many Bed and Breakfasts and Agriturismi which are mainly located throughout Sicily.  

Slow Food Norwich will be one of the organisations which will be helping to promote Libera Terra in the UK in 2012 and with Slow food UK we will be holding a tasting of their olive oil and some  other organic produce in Covent Garden, London on December 15th.
Other events in late 2011 and 2012 will include a series of talks and lectures by members of Libera Terra at Universities and colleges in London and the east of England, with planned visits to some of the Libera Terra farms in Sicily.