The Festivaldelgusto is an organisation which organises and promotes food events in Italy, Malta and the UK which help promote small food and wine producers, concentrating mainly on products from organic and biodynamic small ethical producers and farmers.
As part of the remit of Slow Food we believe in promoting and sponsoring these types of producers both in Norfolk and other parts of the UK in partnership with other Slow Food groups, but we have also recently become involved with the Festivaldelgusto organisation which also helps promote small producers both in other parts of Europe and also will be now doing the same in the UK. 
Festivaldelgusto means a festival of good food and taste which is exactly what the wider Slow Food organisation already aims to promote throughout the world, and Slow Food Norwich works to achieve in the county of Norfolk.


Slow Food Norwich is looking forward to the first Festivaldelgusto in Italy in September where many small food and wine producers will be at the event networking both with other producers in Italy but also with members of Slow Food from the UK, US and Australia. T
This initial festival will be followed by a similar event for small food producers in Norfolk in October, which will be sponsored and organised by Slow Food Norwich along with several retailers and producers from the county. As well as inviting Slow Food members from Slow Food London and other UK Slow Food groups, we will also hope to have present Slow Food members from  Italy, the US, Australia, Holland and Malta .
Slow Food Norwich and London are also now working on closer links with the UK biodynamic association and we hope to have representatives from the UK biodynamic association attend our October event together with some biodynamic producers from the east of England.
There will be further updates as plans unfold about the Norfolk event and also news from the festival in Le Marche, Italy in September.

Slow Food in England will be making further partnerships with other Slow Food groups in Italy during the rest of 2013 and in 2014. Our membership in Norwich are pleased to be invited to take part in the festival in Italy which is aimed at raising the profile of ethical organic and biodynamic Italian producers, then in the future we aim to promote our UK producers in various parts of England by holding similar food events in Norfolk, London and Cambridgeshire.