Slow Food Norwich is very pleased to be working closely with Slow Food London and the UK Biodynamic association in a joint partnership which will see our memberships working on several exciting new projects in the coming year.
The Biodynamic association was founded in the UK in 1929 to foster and promote biodynamic methods of agriculture which also includes having a non chemical approach to the soil, land, environment and health, allowing both individuals and organisations to work closely with the natural cycles which for many years had been neglected and overlooked.

Slow Food London is pushing forward with several new exciting projects and actively promoting the Slow Food ethos which in turn is attracting new members as well as attracting renewed interest from other related bodies which are now also starting to work more closely with the Slow Food London team. 
Having worked with Slow Food London over several years, Slow Food Norwich is now pleased to be involved with this new partnership between Slow Food and the Biodynamic association, so we recently visited the BDA offices in Stroud in order to further the plans which are now starting to be put in place. The BDA are very proactive in promoting biodynamic principled in agriculture, horticulture and gardening, they also publish a popular magazine for members, the Star and Furrow and news about our joint events will be published in the magazine on a regular basis.
Several joint events are being considered, including an event at Rudolf Steiner House near Baker Street in central London in the early autumn of 2013 and another larger outdoor promotional event at a biodynamic farm in Berkshire to the west of London.