Slow Food in England has recently started to co operate with the UK Biodynamic association based in Stroud who promote biodynamic agriculture and horticulture in the UK. The BDA was set up in the UK in 1929 to promote a non chemical approach to the soil and the environment, it also administers the Demeter symbol and also promotes biodynamic practices through workshops, conferences and and meetings.
The BDA shares many of the objectives that are also part of the ethos of the Slow Food organisation both in England and also internationally, these are to protect and nurture the environment, while also promoting good local foods.

Several members of Slow Food Norwich are also members of the BDA and we are now involving members of Slow Food London in forming a closer partnership with the BDA in the future. We will be holding joint workshops, seminars and talks both in Norwich, Stroud and London and we do we hope to hold a joint Slow Food England and BDA event at Rudolf Steiner House near Baker Street. 
Slow food in England will be involved in many new and exciting projects in 2014 and our new relationship with the BDA will play an important role in developing a larger network of like minded individuals and also developing a large range of projects with which both memberships can be involved.