Following a successful wine tasting event in London on Tuesday 29th March, held in conjunction with members of Slow Food London, we have now been asked to host more tasting events in London. But our focus is always primarily on Norwich and north Norfolk so with the help of several of our members we are now planning an oil tasting event in Norwich in May.
We will also continue to co operate closely with Slow Food London and Cambridge and look forward to hosting several wine tasting and oil tastings with the other conviviums throughout 2011. 

The oils being tasted will include a wide variety of olive oils from Italy and Malta as well as a locally produced organic rape seed oil from Crush Foods near Dereham. We will be highlighting the nutritional benefits and differences between olive oil and rape see oil and their wide variety of uses in cooking and food preparation. 
The event will be ticket only and will be advertised extensively in Norwich and also on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.