During the past two weeks we have visited several members of Slow Food London and Slow Food Cambridge to discuss our plans and coming events in the spring of 2011. Slow Food Cambridge is working closely with us to help with ideas and practical help for food related events in the next few months as well as building a much closer partnership on which we can co ordinate our efforts throughout the whole of East Anglia. 

We are now going to hold several social events and tastings in March and April at which members of both groups can meet and share ideas. One of these events will be held at the Market Bistro in Kings Lynn on 12th March, a Saturday evening, the owners, Lucy and Richard are new members and we look forward to a really lovely evening at this fine restaurant.

Another upcoming event to be held with members of Slow Food London is an Italian wine tasting at a new Deli in Belgravia in London in late March, this will help forge new relationships between the East Anglian groups and Slow Food London, and more news of date will be posted soon!!