Slow food Norwich was contacted by the organisers of the Fifth Sense event in Norwich,this is to raise awareness about Anosmia or the lack of small and taste. We are very happy to support this important event being held by Fifth Sense and to have Slow Food Norwich members take part in the event on Sunday 23rd September at St Andrews Hall in Norwich.
The key aims of the event are to raise awareness and support for Fifth Sense, also the smell and taste clinic at James Paget Hospital, and to also help raise funds.

The event is possibly the first of its kind and it will educate guests on the role and importance of the sense of smell in our lives and the impact of its loss.
To then educate on some of the science, psychology and sensory stimulation involved in the experience we call eating,also providing culinary advice and inspiration to anosmia sufferers.
The event also aims to raise awareness of the quality and diversity of Norfolk's artisan food producers, by having many of them present at the event.

There will be a multi sensory inspired tasting menu and members of staff from the Institute of Food Research in Norwich will be present as well as Duncan Boak will be co hosting the event with Consultant ENT Surgeon Carl Philpott who runs the anosmia clinic at the James Paget Hospital.