Several members of Slow Food Norwich attended a rare tasting of English organic and biodynamic wines at the Greenhouse Trust in Norwich last Friday evening.
The event was well attended and it was the last tasting of the year to be held at the Greenhouse, a popular organic and Fairtrade cafe with a wine and organic foods shop in the centre of Norwich.
The event was organised by Tom who works part time at the Greenhouse, he is very knowledgeable about organic and biodynamic wines from both the UK and Europe, and spoke at length about each wine, the vineyards they came from and the methods of viniculture that were used in the production of these outstanding wines.
Tasting biodynamic wines was a new experience for most of the guests present and Tom gave a short talk to explan the theory and practice of biodynamic horticulture and viniculture.

The production of wines in England and also Wales has undergone a revival since the 1970's and some of the sparkling wines are winners of prestigious awards, sometimes beating the more famous wines produced in France and Italy.
The wines tasted on the evening were from two very well known award winning English vineyards, Sedlescombe and Davenport both from the county of Sussex in the very south of England.
There were six wines tasted, two white wines including a sparkling wine which proved very popular and also two red wines to show that England can also produce red wines, even if these are more light weight than wines produced in countries with hotter climates such as Italy.

Slow food Norwich has close connections with the UK Biodynamic Association and several of our members are also members of the BDA so we hope to bring more tasting events to Norwich in 2013, these will include a biodynamic olive oil tasting and a tasting of biodynamic wines from Italy.
We are also working closely with members of Slow Food London to organise a two day biodynamic and organic festival in Italy next May, the event will be held in the Le Marche region and it is already proving popular with groups from Norfolk, London and also Holland wishing to take part.
Italian wine and olive oil producers including Costa Digiano and La Marca di san Michele are now making some fantastic organic and biodynmaic olive oils and wines and we are also working closely with them to make the May event a wonderful celebration of organic and biodynamic foods and wines.